Sepang, 4 April 2017 – The Malaysian motor racing scene is all set to get revved up with a new racing formula that will thrill spectators like never before – the Toyota Vios Challenge one make race is on its way and will be the feature event at the upcoming TOYOTA GAZOO Racing (TGR) Racing Festival.

The Vios Challenge will see a field of 30 drivers in identical race-prepared Toyota Vios, competing for top honours and the grand championship prize over a series of four events run on specially-created street circuits in Penang, Kuala Lumpur and Johor. The first event is scheduled to be held in August this year with the championship stretching through to the first quarter of 2018.

UMW Toyota Motor also announced the participation of eight A-list local celebrities who will be making their racing debut in the series, adding to the glamour and excitement of the event.

The launch of the Vios Challenge heralds the arrival of TOYOTA GAZOO Racing in Malaysia having successfully established itself in the world of motorsports, particularly with the World Rally Championship (WRC) where it scored its maiden win in Sweden and has consistently chalked championship points in its debut season. The Vios Challenge in Malaysia is developed along similar lines to the Toyota One Make Race established in Thailand and the Philippines. The race formula has already become a runaway success in these countries, where fans come on race weekends to catch all the excitement on track and to soak in the carnival-like atmosphere surrounding the event.

Speaking at the launch of the TOYOTA GAZOO Racing (TGR) Racing Festival, President of UMW Toyota Motor Mr. Ravindran Kurusamy said that the Vios Challenge provides the ideal platform to elevate the sporty image of the Toyota Vios as well as to create fresh interest in the sport. “The sporty, fun and vibrant character of the Toyota Vios has been understated at times and in line with our ‘All About The Drive’ campaign, we believe that the Vios Challenge will be able to effectively help us demonstrate these characteristics especially to younger Malaysians,” said Mr Ravindran.

The Vios Challenge will be the feature event at the TGR Racing Festival weekends where there will be a carnival-like weekend of entertainment, games, food and other fun activities. Visitors will also be able to find out more about the latest Toyota models and go for test-drives.

Mr Ravindran also thanked the sponsors who have come on board in support of the Vios Challenge including Toyo Tyres, Denso Malaysia, TRD Japan, Enkei Malaysia, Moty’s Hyper Lubricant Technology, Drive M7 Energy Drinks, and Toyota Capital Services who have helped make the vision of the one make race a possibility.

Individuals and teams who purchase the Vios Challenge racing cars will receive a race package that includes such items as TRD performance parts, safety equipment, tyres and various other racing gear that will make for safe yet exciting racing.

The race management and car modifications for the Vios Challenge will be handled by Wing Hin Motorsports under supervision by TRD Japan. The regulations, drivers and race management are all subjected to strict FIA rules and run under the scrutiny of AAM. All novice racers including the celebrities will need to qualify in a racing school that will be conducted in May with instructors and race engineers from TRD Japan in attendance.

“Motor racing has been an integral part of Toyota’s DNA since its inception. Our success in the various disciplines of motorsport means we have been able to develop better products and technologies for our customers and for our future,” added Deputy Chairman of UMW Toyota Mr. Akio Takeyama.

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