The aerodynamic 1.5L PRIUS c is powered by the superior Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive system, taking responsible driving to a whole new level of fun and excitement. The vibrant, youthful styling is complemented by agile driving dynamics and exceptional safety features, whilst the intelligent hybrid technology delivers exceptional fuel efficiency, low emissions and quietness.

Key Features
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Thinking of your first hybrid car? PRIUS c owners share their wonderful experiences with you. Watch the video.
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With its distinctively hybrid vehicle design,
the PRIUS c exudes an active and trendy personality. Its refreshingly youthful styling is truly captivating.
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The PRIUS c cockpit puts innovation at your fingertips, with an advanced ergonomic design that is practical and user-friendly. Its easy-to-operate layout ensures
a pleasurable driving experience.
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The PRIUS c delivers astounding fuel efficiency without compromising on performance. And it's all thanks to
its intelligent combination of the petrol engine and electric motor, which makes the PRIUS c a vehicle unlike any other.
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The PRIUS c gives you peace of mind with active safety features to help prevent accidents, as well as passive safety features to help reduce collision injuries.
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By combining the capabilities of the petrol engine and electric motor, Hybrid Synergy Drive (HSD) optimises driving performance for maximum efficiency and driving pleasure. HSD is designed with an array of technologies that are eco-friendly, and will continue to be the benchmark for city cars of the future.
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Complete your driving experience with accessories that complement the active and stylish PRIUS c.

RM 153,170*
*On-the-road price with insurance in Peninsular Malaysia (for Individual Private Owners). Prices shown are subject to change and are governed by the terms and conditions of this website.
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